Eye of Ender is now part of the PlayMC Network

What does this mean to me as a past EoE Player?

ArcherGames is alive and kicking. We've updated it to the latest Minecraft version and have fixed various bugs. You can hop on and start playing right away via hub.playmc.com or hub.playeoe.com.

Unfortunately we only have ArcherGames from Eye Of Ender but as we grow our network we will introduce more minigames. Try out our newest fully custom minigame Wave Fighter.

I purchased a kit from Eye of Ender, why do I not have it when I log in?

Please browse through our store - PlayMC Store

Past purchases on Eye of Ender DO NOT roll over to PlayMC but we are going to be giving everyone that purchased kits on EoE in the past something special on PlayMC. More information on this coming soon.

Are the Past Eye of Ender Owners still part of this server?

Unfortunately the past owners (Enayet and Rafi/Shazz) are no longer part of Eye of Ender. They did a great job over the past years but have passed Eye of Ender along to PlayMC. Worry not as you are in good hands as we have nearly 30 talented programmers, creative designers and production staff working to make PlayMC a success. No longer will you have to worry about unknown downtime, if the server will be up, or if we will be able to fix hurdles that Minecraft throws at us because the answer is WE WILL!

I still have a question that was'nt answered here!

Jump over to the PlayMC Forums for support from our community of helpful moderators and players. Or hit us up at contact@playmc.com