Server address:


As per requested I have put up the Old AG

Stats, Money, & Kits should work.

While we fix bugs and make improvements to the server and it's gamemodes I will leave this version up.


- Bargraphics

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EyeofEnder / ArcherGames is Live!

Hey community,

We're opening the doors to the Hub and ArcherGames right now!

This is an exciting time but there's some things you should know.

We have not been able to do extensive testing on this.

We fully EXPECT a lot of bugs

It should be playable

As a community I hope that you will tear this plugin apart and find all of the bugs for us so we can start fixing them asap. Create tickets and we'll take it from there!

All bans have been reset (No one is banned!)

All money and stats have been reset

Be good!

Staff will be watching and we WILL be banning any hackers.

Other than that, enjoy!

Minecraft Version: 1.7.2 - 1.7.5

Server IP:

- The EoE team

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Small Delay

Hey Guys,

I know everyone is really excited to play but we ran into some larger bugs with the code.
We're ironing them out and made great progress today but unfortunately it has caused us not to be able to release today.

We've spent all day today trying to fix this bug and we're going to spend all day tomorrow too if that's what it takes.

I highly dislike missing deadlines but unfortunately this is what is has come to so hold tight, we'll get there.

- Bargraphics

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ArcherGames Deadline

So I've looked at the pie charts, crunched the numbers, fed our coders nothing but coffee and mountain dew, and we've come up with when we believe AG will be up and running!

The magical date is Wednesday, April 16th!

Have a great weekend!

- The EoE Team

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Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook is now public!

The community has access to this handbook so that they can see exactly how the staff should act and behave. You will also be able to see exactly what it takes to become a staff member.

Staff Handbook

Eye of Ender - Handbook

This handbook is a work in progress. If you see anything that needs added/clarified/changed let us know and we'll get to work!

- Bargraphics

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