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Welcome to Cydonia! 

We are a team of dedicated players, both survival and creative, who are working to give you the best Minecraft experience available! 

We offer both survival and creative. Some of our staff and players have already created some wonderful towns in our survival world to explore and enjoy. However, the world is massive, and there is plenty of room to explore and choose your own path. 

We strive to offer features such as: 

  • 100% uptime 
  • Friendly and fair staff and moderators 
  • Constantly adding new features to improve your gameplay experience 
  • Mature gaming community 
  • Frequent server backups 

Our Core Plugins and Features: 

  • mcMMO: Minecraft meets adventure! Level up your skills to gain bonuses. Work with other players for even more bonuses! 50% mcMMO bonus weekends! 
  • Multi-server Survival and Plotworld Creative (Terrain Creative coming soon!) 
  • Economy system with player shops available 
  • Automatic ranking system giving special perks for our long time players (ie. more homes, worldedit in creative, etc 
  • Jobs: Make money for our shops while you play! Join a job and play survival, it is THAT simple. 
  • LWC for Antitheft: Lock your chests with LWC. Chests lock automatically, for all other items just use /lock 
  • Antigrief: Griefing is an unfortunate reality. With our antigriefing plugins, we can fix that instantly and have your home back up and running in a split second. 

Coming Soon: 

  • Custom dungeon system with unique loot. 
  • Terrain creative world. 
  • Economy run by the players. (No server shops, no set prices) 

Upcoming Dungeon Program: Specially placed dungeons in the nether with unique loot! 


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