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Welcome to VoxBox, a newly established community continuing to grow. Here at the VoxBox Factions PvP server, you are entitled to endless ammounts of fun! Come and help piece together a friendly community you will never forget about.

    ✓ FactionsTop
    ✓ Factions Integrated with econ
    ✓ mcMMO
    ✓ Crates
    ✓ Custom ranking system
    ✓ Buycraft
    ✓ Custom shop
    ✓ Economy
    ✓ No Lag


Has factions gotten old after four years? Lets make it interesting again.
Here on the VoxBox Factions PvP server, we are constantly working hard to put out new, unique content. Factions is connected well with the economy with no inflation, and faction owners have to spend lots of money to create and expand! Raiding is a lot more risky and now requires you to think about your next raid and smaller, new factions are less likely to be hit by the biggest factions! Farms have never been more useful, and shop integrated with factions has never been so much fun and addicting!

You lay your eyes upon a server which is in very early development, and soon to be an official VoxBox Server with Factions PVP, Skyblock, Prison, Vanilla, ETC... 
Come along on our journey to build something with great levels of potential. Will you become a part of a not-yet existing, but possibly a very friendly community of people around the world who come together and make memories of enjoyment and accomplishment? Or will you make memories by raiding your friends and foes? 
Its all up to you, how will you enjoy your stay here on the VoxBox server? 

Apply for staff or java/plugin dev positions here: